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Kijoma is 10 years old! , happy anniversary to us :)
on: Tue 01 of Jun, 2010 [21:54 UTC]  (72937 reads)
Kijoma was formed in 2000 as a West Sussex based technology solution provider. To this date it has remained based in West Sussex but provides broadband solutions to many other counties as well!

As part of our 10th anniversary we are looking to reward our many loyal customers and create some unmissable deals for those "yet to be" customers in some of our most established service areas.

10 years have clearly affected the boss's head along with the celebratory drink. We can now announce a deal for those wishing to sign up in the following areas of West Sussex :-

East Marden, North Marden, Up Marden, Chilgrove , Sutton, Bignor, Barlavington, Plaistow

Subject to a successful free survey and availability a standard installation in these areas will cost a mere £10 !! for orders placed between June 1st and before the end of July . That is a massive saving over our standard rate and one not to miss.

Service level can be any from our Upgraded server list below and would be subject to a 24 month contract.
Beer, Pickle , Marmite and now Broadband from Kijoma
on: Sat 17 of Apr, 2010 [23:44 UTC]  (9272 reads)
On the 1st of April Kijoma officially took over the Broadband network formerly run by "Access Broadband" which covers the areas of Rangemore and Tatenhill , both near the Beer town of Burton Upon Trent, just up the road from the home of Branston Pickle and Marmite in Staffordshire.

People in this area can visit This site for information relating to Kijoma services in this area.
Portsmouth area coverage
on: Mon 05 of Oct, 2009 [11:28 UTC]  (70638 reads)
We have had coverage of this area advertised for over a year now but recent technological advancements mean this will be our first network area to provide the next generation of wireless speed. Forget the few Mbps of mobile, the endless promise of Wimax with a few more Mbps, Kijoma will be offering Download speeds of 50Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps or more on this network with sub 10ms latency and high MoS for VoIP.

The coverage encompasses Portsmouth, Hayling Island across to Selsey and the manhood peninsula. see :- where

Unlike cable or phone line based systems the speed and performance will be available to All those surveyed as in range, no cable length restricted "up to" speeds here.

Bill Lewis, Kijoma MD says: "To compete in an urban environment with Cable and line based broadband requires something special. I believe now is the time to unleash the power of this new technology and confirm Kijoma's Wireless Broadband service as a serious contender in the goal of high speed broadband provision for all"
Digital Britain and the Digital Divide - the Kijoma Solution
on: Sat 05 of Sep, 2009 [22:44 UTC]  (67599 reads)
There is much talk about the Carter report on provision of broadband with 2 Mbps minimum speed to all by 2012.. Normal telephone line broadband ADSL methods mean people all get different speeds regardless of paying for "up to 8 Mbps".. ALL customers using the Kijoma broadband wireless system get in excess of 2 Mbps , regardless of geography and therefore we meet the objectives of the report. If you feel the need to raise your voice to air your view about broadband provision then don't forget to mention Kijoma.. Thanks..
DialUp Post
on: Thu 21 of May, 2009 [07:16 UTC]  (70839 reads)
The village of Dial Post, West Sussex now has enhanced service coverage availability from Kijoma. Fed up with flaky low speed ADSL?, only getting Dial Up? , want much faster broadband than your neighbours? . Contact us for more information

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