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Home Services get an upgrade
on: Sun 16 of Oct, 2011 [18:00 UTC]  (74893 reads)
The "Home Standard" and "Home Light" tariffs on our Main West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire (South) services have been upgraded.

Upload speed 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
Metering All time Peak time

This means the upload speed has doubled and usage outside peak times is not metered, ideal for those overnight downloads and uploads.
The "Sutton End" of Dial up - West Sussex
on: Sat 25 of Jun, 2011 [20:58 UTC]  (81337 reads)
Kijoma first started providing a full commercial Broadband service to the Villages of Sutton and Bignor in West Sussex in 2005. However there is one small enclave of 5 properties that were outside the village and located in a hollow surrounded by dense tree cover that were unable to receive our service.

This location is called "Sutton End" and "Sutton Hollow". A relay has now been installed to provide a Kijoma Broadband service to these properties after two local businesses offered to contribute to its modest cost. This was after 6 years of disinterest in the Kijoma Solution from the local, District and County Councils.

click "read more" for more info.
UPLOAD speeds increased for BP and BX Tariffs
on: Fri 03 of Jun, 2011 [23:58 UTC]  (70190 reads)
We have increased the upload speed on Business Plus from 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps and Broadband Extreme from 6 Mbps to 10Mbps !

The prices stay the same.
Kijoma is an NGA provider (NOW Generation Access)
on: Fri 03 of Jun, 2011 [23:38 UTC]  (67846 reads)
There is a lot of talk about "Next Generation Access", this will come to the big towns eventually but probably never to the rural outreaches. Kijoma is a "NOW Generation" provider, we do provide high speeds and we include the rural and last 10% that are otherwise forgotten.

Our technology is capable of providing 50Mbps services already and the only reason we do not have these Tariffs generally is down to capacity and cost. In order to provide the higher speeds, we need to buy far more capacity from our vendors. The Broadband market is very competitive and we believe Kijoma is the only Fixed Wireless provider to have mainstream, comparable service pricing, despite our small size and despite our complete lack of external funding to date. We do not want to increase prices to cover the higher speeds and as we are entirely self funded we also do not want to overstretch.

If the Government and Councils stop blindly following the "Next Generation" promises and instead focus some energy on the "NOW Generation" solutions then those of you who need 40 Mbps would be able to have it. No phone line cable length issues, no mere 5 Mbps (which is where fibre "super fast" starts) and no divide. Remember - with Kijoma you can have 16 and 24 Mbps NOW. (subject to coverage)

All Kijoma customers are capable of the speed they sign up to. There is no "0.1 to 8 Mbps and pay the same price" type scale you get with ADSL and no interference from machinery or foreign radio stations in the evening etc..

Telephone - Cut the Wire - Forget line rental - Reduce your bill
on: Sun 21 of Nov, 2010 [18:10 UTC]  (77345 reads)
A unique feature or our Broadband service is that it does NOT require a telephone line. One big benefit of this and one we have been slow to tell you about (Apologies for this) is that you can move your telephone service away from the fixed line altogether! This eliminates the ever increasing "Line Rental" charge and minimum call charge. It also means completely FREE calls to anybody else using the same service!

If, of course that is not tempting enough, once you escape the fixed line your phone then becomes mobile. You can answer and make calls anywhere you have an internet connection (worldwide) with exactly the same call costs as if you were sitting at home. You can also have multiple phones on the same number. It is like having your own multi line exchange. You can be taking a call on one phone and someone else on another phone can use it at the same time to call or receive calls. Of course you could have multiple "lines" and numbers as well including a whole host of other features. Take a look at , a verified partner of ours for more details and advice on how to sign up and use it. You can even use your existing phones, all you need is a small box they can supply to plug them into.
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